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mushroom nursery

Shiitake, first cultivated by the Japanese, could be considered a gourmet mushroom. We grow them in the biological way on oak logs, only then the meaty and firm shiitake with its spicy taste will develop. Shiitake is rich on protein and can be used as a substitute by vegetarians.

On this site you can:

  • order shiitake spawn (new method sawdust dowels)
  • order fresh and dried shiitake mushrooms
  • learn more on how to grow shiitake on logs or how to set-up your own shiitake farm.

Traditional and biological nursing

In nature shiitake grows in deciduous woods using dead oaks nutrition to grow. At our nursery we let the shiitake grow in exactly that atmosphere, in plain air, in the forest. The nursery is traditional and small-scale. In these natural surroundings we are able to produce a quality shiitake mushroom.


After many years of trying different methods of inoculation we can now offer you sawdust dowel spawn. It has a coned shape which makes it easy to insert into the drilled holes. Because of its shape and sawdust composite it will enable the mycelium to grow faster into the logs. There is a small cap added to the sawdust dowel which will close up the drilled hole. HOT WAX IS NO LONGER NEEDED. This sawdust dowel will raise your percentage of success on inoculated logs.

These sawdust dowels will come in sheets each containing 600 dowels. You can just pop them out and insert them by hand. With an average rate of 40 dowels per log (log length 120 cm) these sheets will do for 15 logs.

“For the best mushrooms I go to Haveman. Always of top quality!”


Healthy and great taste

In the traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine shiitake is used for many different health problems. It is rich on anti-oxidant which could lower your cholesterol and strengthen your health. Shiitake is also rich on vitamin B and B12, which would make it a suitable alternative for meat.